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Fully Autonomous Knightscope Security Robots


So Who Gets Fired?

Crime has a $1 trillion negative economic impact on the U.S. every single year.  It is a hidden tax we all pay in blood, tears and treasure.  A violent crime occurs every 24.6 seconds and a property crime every 4.1 seconds.  Our country has 2+ million law enforcement and security professionals trying to secure 320+ million people across 50 states.  The math just doesn’t work.

So when some new horrific tragedy happens in our country – who gets fired?  Who is accountable?  Every time something awful happens – here come our political leaders with “…we extend our thoughts & prayers…” – that is not going to fix the problem.

On a Mission

Knightscope’s long-term, slightly ambitious mission is to make the United States of America the safest country in the world, changing everything for everyone.   We don’t believe the Founders of our country ever expected us to build a society where going to work, going to school, going to a movie theater, or going shopping literally came with a risk of being shot or killed.

Over the last 5 years, Knightscope has developed a game-changing fully autonomous security platform combining self-driving technology, robotics and artificial intelligence – to help our nation’s brave women and men in uniform better secure our country.

Autonomous Leadership

Over $80 billion has been invested in self-driving autonomous technology and there are over 50 companies working on it – yet, Knightscope is the only company operating fully autonomously 24/7/365 across an entire nation.  Our clients are malls, corporate campuses, logistics companies, hospitals, stadiums, airports – basically anywhere outdoors or indoors where you might see a private security guard.

Knightscope’s disruptive technology is offered on a Machine-as-a-Service (MaaS) business model at an effective price of $6 to $12 per hour.  We sign annual contracts running 24/7 which includes the software, hardware, setup, 24/7 support plus unlimited software, firmware and at times hardware upgrades.

Today we not only provide a consistent physical deterrence but 360 degree live-streaming eye-level video, we can read 1,200 license plates a minute, can detect a person in an area they shouldn’t be, run a thermal scan, check for signals in the environment – the guards can even speak through a #securityrobot as if it were a mobile public address system.


Five years later we are now nationwide, have operated more than ½ million hours with our clients, have garnered over a dozen crime fighting wins, we’ve raised $40+ million from 6,000 family offices, private investors and 4 major corporations – and we are just getting started.

Are you tired of the horrific tragedies on your news feed?  Do you want to help secure our country?  Do you believe that self-driving technology, robotics and AI will change the world?


KNIGHTSCOPE LEADERSHIP PHOTO (left to right): Mercedes Soria, Stacy Dean Stephens, William Santana Li, Aaron Lehnhardt, Marina Hardof

KNIGHTSCOPE LEADERSHIP PHOTO (left to right): Mercedes Soria, Stacy Dean Stephens, William Santana Li, Aaron Lehnhardt, Marina Hardof



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