Securing America’s Healthcare Centers

The healthcare industry faces significant challenges in ensuring the safety and security of their patients, employees, visitors, vendors and facilities; regulatory compliance; preparing and responding to natural disasters; and other major business activities.

The effects of a violent crime occurring every 24 seconds and a property crime occurring every 4 seconds in the US [1] threaten these sanctions of safety and compassionate care. The most disturbing safety issue faced in healthcare is workplace violence, with the main assaults being either patient-on-staff or visitor-on-staff. Preparing to successfully address these challenges requires a new approach to security. The industry, with its current non-uniform approach to the utilization of technology and revolving door concept of security officer staffing, is struggling to provide the solutions healthcare leaders need to ensure their organizations do not become overwhelmed with assault, theft, vandalism or violent crimes.

Knightscope is answering the call for leaders who are looking beyond the traditional model of physical security to one that pairs human critical thinking with the abilities of robots to flawlessly perform monotonous and computationally heavy work. The Department of Justice reports that visible surveillance can deter crime by up to 40%. Knightscope security robots multiply this percentage significantly through their 360-degree HD video streaming, eye level video surveillance, 24/7 autonomous operation without human intervention, and a commanding physical presence with a powerful strobe light and patrol sound.

Several leading healthcare facilities have already experienced the benefits of partnering with Knightscope to face these challenges. Clients have witnessed a massive reduction in on-site security incidents in areas where Knightscope robots are deployed. One physician commented, “When I’m walking to my car, and it’s 4am in the morning and really dark. I’ll be walking really carefully, holding tightly my phone and keys. Then I hear the Robot’s sound that is makes as it’s patrolling the garage, and a wave of relief washes over me, that I’m not alone, and it makes me feel better.”

One healthcare center is even making history as the first to have Knightscope robots deployed inside the halls of the hospital. Their two robots named Holmes and Watson are providing security officers a detailed look at the areas they patrol with 360-degree camera capabilities and thermal imaging. Holmes and Watson are providing their uniformed security officers with cutting edge communication tools with the robots’ two-way audio system. Their emergency call button is giving employees and visitors another way to request assistance fast during an emergency.

Healthcare leaders need to look no further than Knightscope to address their many security challenges. Request a private free demo here and we look forward to working with you to better secure your healthcare facility and reduce costs.

[1] 2017 FBI crime statistics




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