Why Autonomous Security Robots are Industry Agnostic

“So tell me, what specific industries are your robots designed for?” That’s a common question we hear from prospective adopters and investors of our Autonomous Security Robots (ASRs).  Logically, there are benefits to utilizing products and services designed and engineered for a specific industry.  However, that was not our strategy from the outset.  Our goal is to help every organization, every security professional, every police officer, in nearly any environment, property or facility, to be able to deter and detect criminal activity more effectively and, thus, make the United States of America the safest country in the world. While we have a lot of work to do, the great news is that the opportunities are omnipresent!

For argument’s sake, let’s take a look at casinos and children’s hospitals – two very, very different industries in which we are currently experiencing great growth.  It’s extremely important to protect the safety of visitors and employees in both environments without negatively affecting the overall experience they have while on site.

Just like most other businesses in most other industries, there’s a small percentage of people whose intent is to commit a crime or be disruptive to the other 99% or so.  Let’s pause here for a moment to think about this: attract the people you need at your business, repel criminals.  Can you think of a business or place where this basic need doesn’t apply?  Sports arenas, retail centers, schools, universities, banks, office buildings, corporate campuses, hotels, public parks, theme parks, movie theaters, apartment complexes, public transit, warehouses, distribution centers, and the list goes on and on, including hospitals and casinos.

Time and again we’ve seen firsthand, not only how our robots attract people in a positive way, but also the phenomenal impact they have in deterring criminal activity.  Here are three examples of the latter:

  • ·A major hospital network was experiencing, on average, 2 crimes per week in the parking lot of one of their main hospitals.  Once our K5 Autonomous Security Robot was deployed, the crimes were eliminated, recording zero crimes in the following 12 months.

  • After using a K5 for the first 7 months in a public park, the Huntington Park Police Department recorded a 46% reduction in crimes and 68% reduction in citations (see details here).

  • A commercial property in downtown San Francisco was averaging 20 crimes per month in their parking structure, including trespassing, vandalisms, and thefts. After deploying a K5, they recorded just 1 crime in 12 months.

All three clients in the above referenced cases did not alter or enhance their physical security in any other way during this time. What’s additionally impressive about the hospital and public park is that they are open access properties, 24/7, meaning there aren’t perimeter gates and fences that are closed or locked to limit access or secure it after hours.  Anyone can drive or walk onto the properties at any time from all directions.

It’s hard to imagine that there’s an organization on the planet dealing with the threat of criminal activity on their premises that doesn’t yearn for similar results. These are eye-opening statistics that should get the attention of any organization’s C-Suite.

There’s an interesting fact about our ASRs that further points to being industry agnostic: over 60% of them currently deployed are being used to secure a parking lot or parking structure, either exclusively or in addition to other areas of a client’s property. Why the high percentage? It’s a common area for crime that directly impacts visitors and employees. But due to their size and physical layout, it can be difficult and costly to secure them consistently.

Our clients have not only found the ASRs effective, but cost efficient, too. So, as you read through this list again, is there even one that would likely have crime-free parking areas? Sports arenas, retail centers, schools, universities, banks, office buildings, corporate campuses, hotels, public parks, theme parks, movie theaters, apartment complexes, public transit, warehouses, distribution centers.

Looking beyond casinos and hospitals, our client list is also evidence of our broad appeal across many industries. If you take a look at our website’s main homepage and our gallery section, you’ll see clients from an assortment of industries.  We assure you this is not on purpose, but a reflection of our ASRs’ appeal to different companies, big and small, in different industries, who are committed to providing the safest environment possible for their visitors, tenants, vendors, students and employees.

So perhaps the real question is, “What industries are not a fit for our robots?” It’s difficult to come up with one.  Well, for the sake of being modest we’ll list space exploration as one … for now.




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