Knightscope Patrols Commercial Real Estate

Today’s property managers face the possible threat of random shootings, trespassers frequenting their locations, vandalism and break-ins. Their respective tenants look to them to make safety a priority.

Often these managers turn to security cameras as a low-cost solution to address these issues and/or a human security guard. Security cameras don’t necessarily deter negative behavior, only record video as the sole data point, and typically is only viewed after the fact. Humans, well, aren’t always 100% reliable (you can read about that here).

This is where Knightscope technology rolls in with our Autonomous Data Machines (ADMs) to provide property managers with an actual physical deterrence, ability to detect more than a human could ever possibly could and report in real-time what is happening or has happened — consistently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including autonomous recharging without human intervention. That includes multi-level parking structures, at night, in the rain traversing around people, cars and trucks.

High-definition video footage is captured and 360-degree eye-level live streaming is available when needed (i.e., this means we do not do human bald spot detection with unusable and irrelevant video which is so common with fixed cameras placed above). The machines can detect people, read license plates, and run a thermal scan. Our live and custom broadcast public address feature empowers managers to inform unwanted visitors regarding the consequences of trespassing at their facility.

We hear from property managers that they are already experiencing the benefits of deploying Knightscope security robots. From eliminating vehicle break-ins to stopping bikes from being stolen or even eliminating trespassers — property managers are realizing a real return-on-investment.

Tenants, visitors and vendors are all very grateful. Request your private demo here and let us show you how we can help better secure your facilities and reduce your costs. #securityrobot



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