What is Your Robot’s Name?

The Knightscope K5 (outdoor) and K3 (indoor) fully autonomous security robots awaiting to be named

Humans are special and they make our security robots feel special too! What’s funny besides some of the very cool names pulled together by our ever creative clients but that ‘everyone is worried about the robots since, of course, they are all coming for our jobs and much more (insert eye roll here). The machines are here, yes, but here to help and they have started to do their part in helping humans better secure the places you visit and work….nationwide!

We thought you might enjoying reading just 20 of the names our clients have placed on our fully autonomous security robots across the country….and this is just the beginning!

  1. C-3XPO

  2. Salt

  3. Little Daddy

  4. Rosie

  5. Sunny

  6. Deputy Metro

  7. El-iot

  8. Harr-iot

  9. Sanford

  10. KnightMan

  11. VizBot

  12. Robo Doc

  13. Officer Alex Murphy

  14. Tiffany

  15. Rudy

  16. Buddy

  17. B3PO

  18. Darth

  19. CB1 and CB2

  20. Officer Brooks

Our technology will continue to progress and we will continue to add more and more capabilities as part of our Machine-as-a-Service (MaaS) technology offering. But what will make our journey that much more intriguing is how humans have started to engage – sometimes involving high caloric intake! Request your demo at and start getting your robot naming contest ready to go!

KI XPO Cake.jpg



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