Robots, Robots Everywhere!

Robots, robots everywhere – the growth is happening!

Knightscope has now operated over 700,000 hours in the real world… not tucked away in some R&D laboratory somewhere.  We have racked up numerous crime-fighting wins much earlier in the development of our technology stack than even we anticipated.  We have also enjoyed making it through our second winter operating fully autonomously, 24/7/365 across an entire country.  And we have gained a great deal of invaluable experience doing so that will help us to continue the growth and expansion we are already witnessing.

Knightscope has a number of new clients including our 2nd municipality, 2nd casino, 2nd residential property, 2nd logistics provider, 2nd hospital, multiple corporate campuses, plus our first university and our first aerospace/defense contractor.  We count more than 10 of the Fortune 1000 corporations as clients.

Additionally, with a single client we hold contracts for 5 locations in 3 states for a total of 9 autonomous security robots with a major technology corporation.  Another client will soon be operating 6 machines at a single facility.

We are excited to be scaling up our operations, but we also realize the amount of work ahead of us.  From the outside most people focus on our security robots or, as we call them, Autonomous Data Machines (ADMs), while our clients typically focus on our user interface, the Knightscope Security Operations Center (KSOC).

What most don’t realize is that we have a team running 24/7/365 behind-the-scenes here at Knightscope Headquarters in Silicon Valley monitoring the health of all the machines-in-network across the country… down to the millisecond.  Perhaps similar to a telecom or a data center – where you’ll likely see humans, hardware and software making sure that the network and systems are working – we have a good number of humans plus hardware and software doing the same, collectively called the Knightscope Network Operations Center (KNOC).

From here, a NOC Specialist can re-localize a machine, re-start a software node, send a software patch, remote control a machine and control and change numerous parameters that are tailored for each deployment.  And our clients also benefit from instant access to a NOC Specialist anytime through the KSOC for client support purposes.

It is an exciting time where self-driving technology, robotics and artificial intelligence are making a huge, positive difference in our lives…and we are thrilled to be right in the middle of it!  A little over a decade ago smart phones didn’t really exist, and now most people almost can’t live without them.  We feel the same about our autonomous robots – in the future it won’t be something novel, but something viewed as a basic and obvious necessity to help humans keep the places you visit and work safe.

Lastly, we would to thank our 6,000+ investors that have backed Knightscope over the years….without their commitment and support none of this would have been possible. Onward and upward!




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