WANTED By Hayward Police Department

Person of Interest Photo 1

Person of Interest Photo 2



A few of us would appreciate any public assistance we can get in whatever form (Twitter, Facebook, or in identifying this young, presumably male subject, captured in the attached images.

This subject is a person of interest to the Hayward Police Department and Knightscope in malicious mischief investigation and potential felony, involving the brutal beatdown of one very expensive, although sometimes slightly menacing, roaming robotic parking garage attendant with a mind of its own, whom dwells across from City Hall.  The victim is a Knightscope K5 #securityrobot coming in at an evidently heavy 400+ lbs.  It is also equipped with video, audio & even license plate recognition technology, and above all else, has the purest of intentions to help keep the public safe.

We have it on reliable information that although the equally hefty cost to repair this high-tech wonder might be somewhat staggering to the mind, preliminary diagnostics have put our minds to rest, suggesting that our trusted, low speed-high drag, automated parking garage guardian is expected to make a full & speedy recovery, suffering little to no, long term damage… Consequently, it was not our intention to have over-stated the “brutal-ness” of the aforementioned beatdown.

Regardless, please help get the word out!  K5 deserves justice … and dignity.  Despite what some may think, these robots are just trying to help humans!



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